5 Reasons to Hire a Professional Copywriter for Your Listicles

Listicles are an amazing and neat way to get traffic going for your blog or website. The portmanteau of the words “list” and “article”, basically defined as a list or ranking of sorts which has enough content to be referred to as an article, has become one of the most powerful tools in online journalism. Although it has been negatively linked to “click bait”, its power is still evident. This is why you must hire content writers online.

Whether in the positive or negative light, listicles have become one of the easiest and most effective ways to attract readers in droves. People might come to learn something new, or read your top picks, maybe find out why, some people might want to see if your thoughts align with theirs, others have no idea what the main topic is bit they click because it would be an informative way to pass their time. Because of the precision of these listicles and their generally organized structure, they are quite easier to write for the blog or website, they are easier to read or skim through for little bits of information or read in parts to progressively consume all of the information contained within the listicle. 

Copywriters belonging to the best content writing services, above all other professionals, understand the power of listicles and with how easily they can make every 4-6 sentences a sales pitch, it’s almost an easy painting trying to explain you should let them handle your listicles. They might be the best picks for the most attractive listicles to pull heavy traffic to your blog or website. 

Copywriters are essentially, by definition, professionals who write articles or pieces for the central purpose of advertising or any other form of marketing. They have excellent communication skills along with expertise in marketing that when combined make the “copies” they create, a joy to read and the resulting influx of readers who will enjoy the piece and stay with your website as faithful readers, even if they only want to read the work by one writer. 

Here are our top 5 reasons why you should hire a professional copywriter from only reputed content writing agencies India to handle listicles for your website or blog. 

  1. Research 

This might be seen as the foremost skill of every copywriter, the ability to do research on the topic handed to them and doing very in-depth research on the topic in question so as to acquire a depth of knowledge on the topic. This should be the first step in every copywriter’s process. Familiarizing yourself with the topic at hand makes discussing it come more naturally. It’s a weapon in the arsenal of every copywriter that they just cannot do without. 

The offspring of proper research is information, a wealth of information, always. This information directs content in a way that cannot be improvised in any way. The more information the copywriter has within their reach, the more versatile they can be with the assignment at hand. Research that the copywriter does prior to beginning while writing and when reviewing the listicle makes sure that the content is undoubtedly solid and that it doesn’t get signed off by readers as an attempt to garner cheap traffic.

The copywriter’s ability to do research and very good research makes the listicle a joy to read, makes sure that the content is not water and can be referred to in the future, this implies that the post containing this listicle will still attract traffic long after it’s posted and published. 

  1. Open-Mindedness and multiple perspectives 

Another gift that goes hand in hand with the ability to do proper research, and maybe an offshoot of extensive research would be a broad range of opinions on the topic. All of the information the copywriter has received in the process of gathering information to put together a good listicle exposes them to different schools of thought on the same subject matter. This reflects in the final copy of the listicle published as the opinions expressed are usually unbiased and can be said to be honest while still fully persuasive.

This attribute of the professional content outsourcing agencies India and their work becomes of great benefit when you realize that the information can be enjoyed and accepted by both the uninformed and those who already have a stance on the subject matter. This way it doesn’t only appeal to a small niche of readers, your listicles will be read and enjoyed by different people who in real life might not like to hear each other’s views on the same subject. 

There is, oftentimes, always something about a “central idea” that is acceptable across the board. Pointing this out helps to keep all the readers informed about the topic and the ideas that connect all of them. There also are certain opinions that separate us as readers, highlighting the strengths and weaknesses of these opinions would also help connect the readers and help them to see a common ground. This is a powerful profit of connecting people with varying opinions that only the copywriter can give. 

  1. Marketing and Persuasion Skill

One of the more natural tools that every single article content writer must have within their grasp is that of persuasion. More often than not, the copywriter is putting together a listicle to make a sort of sale, or persuade a decision or as a call to action by the reader. It is expected that everything that the copywriter right makes the reader at least, consider what it would take to follow the suggestions in the listicle, or change their mindset on a certain, usually popular situation or something that is powerfully driven by public opinion. 

A lot of copywriters have degrees in the language they write in, mass communication, journalism, business writing and/or marketing. These usually give their oftentimes natural knack for persuasion an edge. Making them a pitching machine and every sentence in the listicles they write for your blog or website a very attractive sales pitch. 

The benefits of this skill are evident in how much traffic a well-written listicle can give rise to once they get to the right eyes. Readers recommend this for other readers, opinions begin to streamline and as a result, the intended sale, whether marketing centered, politically or socially centered or technically centered, begins to take off and take effect. 

  1. Powerful Detailing 

The power of detail cannot be overemphasized as information gives power to the informed. A lot of times the people who click on to read your listicles either have a strong opinion and hope that you either agree or can convince them otherwise or have heard of the subject matter but do not have a stance because they do not know what the situation entails and see the listicle in front of them as an easy way to be in the know as quickly as possible, and gather all the information required to form a solid opinion or make a sales or marketing decision.

But beyond knowledge is the power of fully understanding the implications of every decision made and the benefits and drawbacks that come with a certain line of opinions. Basically, persuasion is great, it’ll make the reader consider what you are selling, but without enough information presented in the most detailed yet understandable format, you might not be able to land that sale. And the listicle might come off as wordy yet watery. 

Expert web, blog and ad copywriters know to avoid this dilemma and above all, with the experience and skills that they have gathered, copywriters know exactly how to make that sale, how to inform a decision and how to make sure that you come back and refer to this listicle when discussing the same subject elsewhere. 

  1. Keyword and Keyphrase placement for Web Search Optimization

An added bonus of hiring the best content writing agencies to handle listicles for your website or blog is how easy they would pop up when people in search of information lookup keywords. Search engine optimization is one of the newest tools in online journalism that makes certain posts come up ahead of others and make them more attractive to read. This ultimately translates to increased traffic and that is always good for the website or blog.

Combined with all the aforementioned skills that copywriters incorporate into the listicles, the result is an easy-to-find and extremely enjoyable, persuasive and informative read. This sort of writing almost has no downsides.


It is getting increasingly more necessary to use the internet to put together articles that highlight rankings or list out reasons why a certain opinion, political, social, technological or sales choice is preferable to any of the others available. It is evidently more profitable to hire a professional copywriter to put together these listicles for your website or blog or whatever form of media you have chosen to express your experience or spread your information. It is more enjoyable and informative for your target readers and more importantly, the short and long term investment in professional copywriters for your publications cannot be overemphasized.

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