2022’s Top 5 Content Marketing Agencies in India

Great content is king and having the right content makes all the difference, but finding the right agency to provide you with evergreen content might be a daunting task. Some might make promises of delivering superb content but fail at it leaving you distraught. That is why we have put together a list of the top 5 content marketing agencies you will ever find in India. 

There are many marketing agencies that rank high, but maintaining the lead board is no small task. These companies have been around for a pretty long while and have proven to be reliable and efficient when it comes to serving content marketing services. Several content writing companies spring up almost on a daily basis, but this list contains the top 5 content writing agencies in India.

  1. Marketing Bunnies                                   
  2. Content Caramel                                    
  3. Orangus                                                   
  4. Esmee Network                                      
  5. Leaps
  6. Write Right
  7. Addkraft
  8. Justwords
  9. Mindworksglobal
  10. Contentmart                                                  

So, let us take a look at some of the best content writing companies in India and all you need to know about them.

Top 5 Writing Companies in India

1. Marketing Bunnies

Email: contact@marketingbunnies.com

The #1 leading content writing agency and SEO company in India driven by experts with a track record of providing 100% original content that includes SEO optimization that produces results. Their content marketing strategy is not only aimed at getting your business rich content but also ensuring that your search engine ranking is high putting you at the forefront through search optimization. Their contents are free of plagiarism, grammatically sound, and give your brand the right tone that best suits you. They offer a wide range of services that are designed to generate leads for your business and these services includes;


Digital marketing, social media marketing services, blog writing, article writing, website content writing service, email marketing, SEO marketing, SEO for websites, press release content writing, SEO services, SEO, and website copywriting.

  • Their team of seasoned SEO experts is available to provide you with the right kind of content that attains perfection improving your search engine ranking making them the best SEO company.
  • They are one of the top-rated digital marketing agencies providing you with SEO digital marketing services
  • They have over 12+ years of experience in content writing, having some of the best website content writers who have delivered about 125000+ files to 1200 happy customers. 
  • They offer the best digital marketing content, SEO content, SEO copywriting, ad content creation services making them the best content marketing agency.
  • They provide customer care support 24/7 and are always accessible to resolve your complaints and offer assistance when needed.

Marketing Bunnies is a trusted content writing company with clients from all parts of the world including India, Singapore, Israel, the U.S, U.K, and UAE.  If you ever need a company to provide you with local SEO services, then you should look no further because Marketing Bunnies can meet both your local and international content needs.

2. Leaps

Address: Gangpur Burdwan-713104 West Bengal

Leaps have been around for more than 25 years serving great and quality content and have been awarded for their long years of wonderful service. They provide low-cost content with quality and have the best website content writers.


SEO posts, blogging, guest blog, article writing, web content.

  • They also provide digital marketing services as well as content writing services.
  • Their highly esteemed top clients include Felix, Freshdesk, Pristine Fire, Van Gogh studios.
  • They also hire freelance writers, and provide guest blogging, ghostwriting, magazine articles, product descriptions, content writing on countries like Israel, Dubai, Riyadh, and blogging.
  • They are one of the top rankers when it comes to ghostwriting companies.

3. Write.Right.In

Address: Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India


Content writing, creative writing, technical writing, blog writing, slogan writing, resume writing, ghostwriting.

  • They have a team of 25+ proficient writers and are a top-notch writing agency.
  • They are ranked by Goodfirms and Clutch on a global scale as one of the best among the top content writing agencies for India and abroad.
  • Their 5 years in services has left clients and startups nothing but satisfied with their work.
  • They also offer ghostwriting, non-technical writing, advertising, and SOP writing.
  • They provide quality content writing services and keep to deadlines, putting the needs of the clients first by also making sure the content gets the right engagement.

4. Addkraft 

Address: Old-India No.-19 Shanmuganar Salai, Choolaimedu Chennai-600094

Addkraft is one of the best and there is no doubt that they can dish out great content. Their skill and expertise have enabled them to open a branch in CA, the USA with most of their clients coming from this region. Their contents are unique and tailored for SEO optimized blog writing to increase leads which also pulls in the crowd.


Saas content, software vendor content, digital marketing content, B2B content, business content, technical content.

  • Their major focus is on B2B contents and they service various big commercial units with their outstanding content.
  • Their other services include rewriting, proofreading, and marketing content services.
  • They provide content writing services focusing on business content.
  • They create accountable business and marketing strategies for any business development. They are a content development company driven by their passion to create.

5. Mindworksglobal

Address: C56/47 5th-floor Sector 62 Noida- 201306

When you talk of long years in service Mindworksglobal comes to mind because they have been in existence since 2006 and have been providing their local and international clients with the best content there is. Their contents are cost-effective and they boast of a team of 80 commendable members which include content writers, content editors, editorial managers, and blog managers.


Whitepapers, case study, articles, web content.

  • Their lightning-fast delivery is what makes them unique. It takes30 minutes for their expert hands to produce any kind of content.
  • The quality of their content is never compromised even though it takes them such a short time to come up with content.
  • They make quality blog posts that show their style of work and services.
  • They also offer blog writing services.

The issue of where to find the best content writing agency has been taken care of for you as this list provides you with the best of the best in terms of durable and quality content. So, all you have to do is hire content writers online from any of these credible sources to make available great content that is not only appealing but gets you conversions in the form of leads.

The reasons why you need evergreen content can not be overemphasized because in this modern day and age where most things are digital, speaking to you clients in the right tone of voice that is appealing and assuring is exactly what you need to take your business to greater heights and distinguishing you from all the others. Quality content is key to generating those leads either for your business website, blog, newsletter, or whatever it is you need put in words.

We have listed the best-ghostwriting companies, press release writing services, and companies that provide the best PPC services in India to boost your conversion rates, and also increase quality traffic to your blogs, websites, and so on. There really is no reason why you can not get quality content in India because there can never be a shortage of content with all the companies listed above.

Contact any of the best content creation agencies in India listed above to get your quote for whatever service you require. They are sure to serve you the best according to your budget and preference. 

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