10 Best Content Writing Agencies In India For Professional Content Creation

The ease of doing business online has only grown in recent times thanks to digital marketing and the rapid consumption of online content. The availability of good content writing agencies has made it feasible as well. It has now become easier to sell goods and services online with the right story that tells your potential customers what your business is all about. To help people craft beautiful content of every kind are content marketing agencies that specialize in various kinds of content from blog posts to articles, social media posts, technical write-ups, and many more types of content.

To effectively scale up your business online you need the services of professional content writing agencies to deliver top-notch content that stands out. India has a variety of content writing firms that furnish different kinds of content based on your needs that truly helps your business to stand out. Not all digital content creation firms provide the same services, and so you will need to select a content writing firm that provides the exact services you require. For example, if you would like to rank high on search engine results, then you need to hire a content writing company that not just specializes in SEO but professional content development.

So, without any more delay, let’s spotlight the top 10 content writing companies in India.

1. Marketing Bunnies 

With over 12+ years in content creation and marketing, Marketing Bunnies has become one of India’s most experienced content writing companies. The content writing firm ranks high on the list of content writing companies due to the flawless content furnished by their experienced writers and editors. The company provides website content, landing page content, blogs, newsletters, articles, press releases, and well-structured content for SEO. The clientele spans from the UK, US, Singapore, India, UAE, and Israel, with medium and large businesses trusting them to deliver the best content for their online presence.

You can get a quote directly on the website and view content samples as well. You can get reliable content writing services in a few simple steps and take your online business to the next level with India’s leading creative content writing company. Aside from content creation, Marketing Bunnies also offers digital marketing services, SEO services, content development, and management services. Plus, they offer flexible pricing models that add to the convenience of paying for top content creation services.

2. Write Right 

A company based in Ahmedabad, Write Right has catered to the content needs of small, medium, and budding businesses in India. The content writing firm also provides digital marketing services, social media marketing, and content marketing. The kinds of content created include articles, technical writing, blog posts, slogans, grant writing, resume writing, and statement of purpose for students looking to study overseas. The aim of the company is to help businesses scale up by providing top-notch content and they have helped their clients reach several business milestones over the years. It is no wonder they are among the top 10 content writing agencies in India and strive for absolute customer satisfaction.

3. Content Whale 

Having a team of young creative writers, about 100 of them and 20 editors, the company is able to furnish a high number of articles per day. The content writing firm not only provides quantity but also quality content for its over 200 high-value clients in about 15+ countries all over the world. The company offers 42 content writing services which include technical writing, copywriting, website content, blog writing, emailers, product description, among many other services. The firm takes pride in the quality of their work and has their rich statistical data which proudly displays this quality.

4. Pepper Content 

A well and fully managed marketplace that started from a dorm in BITS Pilani has grown to become one of the leading content agencies in India. The company has worked with over 400+ clients and works with freelancers all over the globe. The content writing firm connects the best freelancers, editors, and brands together to create great content for the digital space. Some of their clients include Cars24, India Today, and Swiggy. They offer many content writing services, but the most unique has to be the scriptwriting and podcast content writing services.

5. Taletel 

The experts at Taletel are professionals at creating some of the best quality content on the internet. The company offers about 25 content writing services that are under content writing, copywriting, and SOP writing. Some of their services offered include web content, creative writing, email creation, e-commerce content creation, translation services,  and technical writing among other services. The firm allows clients to tell their unique stories their own way, allowing the passion to resonate.

6. Justwords 

A company that excels at providing valuable content for its clients is Justwords. The company was established in 2010 and has produced meaningful and quality content for its clients to help manage their content development cycle. Some of the content writing services provided by the company include blogs, media content, articles, e-books, web content, and product descriptions. The USP of the company is the video content they offer to clients which is not quite common. Businesses that need scripts for their video content are in safe hands here. The content development firm has also bagged the Google awards twice in 2 consecutive years.

7. Coffegraphy 

Starting out from the inside of a local barista, the content writing firm has grown to be one of the most widely sought-after firms due to its high level of professionality. The company offers 20 different kinds of services that cover different industries from real estate to information technology, real estate, e-learning, among many other services. The team of dedicated writers is one of their USPs and the firm has a few in-house editors to vet all writers and ensure only quality is delivered to the client. 

8. GoDot Media 

GoDot Media is a content agency that is consistent and highly organized. Their aim is to help businesses scale up through content that is crafters around the business. The firm helps its clients to get more sales and attract more customers. The content firm specializes in only content writing services. GoDot media has a brilliant team of content writers and editors that deliver quality content from blog posts to copywriting services, Ebooks, product descriptions, content marketing, social media content, and articles. You can contact the company through their website and find out more about their services.

9. Scatter 

Scatter is a fully based content service agency that offers fully managed content writing services. The company is well known for its software that provides automated content strategy, assets management, and workflow management for content marketing for companies. They have offices in four locations around the world, 3 in India and 1 in the UAE. The company is highly driven by the success of their clients and have a host of freelance writers and fulltime staff to deliver on projects.

10. SEO.com 

Another well-known company in the area of digital marketing and content creation is SEO.com. The services offered range from social media marketing to website content, digital marketing, and SEO-based content. The company has helped one of its clients scale up their business from $500,000 to $1.5 million in revenue through strategic content marketing. They provide services to clients from India and other international companies around the world. The content writing firm is a Google partner and has a track record of delivering quality content in time.

There are certain factors to put into consideration when selecting a content writing firm and these are;

Exact services provided: Not all forms offer the same services, and some offer more specific services than others. A content agency might offer digital marketing services while others don’t and this is something to consider before selecting a firm. Be sure to look through the services provided by the company before selecting the company.

Pricing: Firms offer different prices for different services. The pricing for content writing services per firm varies on other factors like duration, amount of content to be delivered, and the number of services provided.

Duration of project: The time spent on any project also determines the firm that you will select. Some firms take long-term projects while others take moderate-length projects. Be sure to check with the firm before concluding on the firm of your choice.


In the online world, content is one of the most important factors that will determine how far a business will go in achieving its set business goals. The right kind of content attracts the ideal customers for a specific business, presenting the right brand voice of the company. The effect of good content can not be overestimated as it is what differentiates world-leading companies from all others. India is home to renowned content writing agencies that furnish unique and great content for small, medium, and large-scale businesses. These content creation agencies cater to clients from different parts of the world and employ the best teams to deliver this exceptional content. The right professional content writing agency can take your business to the next level with quality content that speaks to your audience and portrays what your business is about effortlessly.

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