The right content marketing strategy will change how your business is perceived online, suggest top content writing companies in India. Online marketing trends and strategies have moved beyond the conventional ways and are more advanced. Certain past trends are either obsolete or have been updated and as a marketer, it is in your best interest to keep up with the changes in the latest trends. In 2022, the digital space is seeing tremendous growth that was brought about by the change in the ways we interact. The world had been shut down for a while and people had to adapt to a new way of living. Now, the world has opened up considerably, but things aren’t exactly the same.

The changes in interaction have shaped content marketing trends and strategies as people had to adapt to new ways of living their lives. The consumption of online content increased and will only continue to do so over the years. As a marketer, it is crucial to leverage these changes to create valuable content users will love to increase retention and conversion. It can sometimes be hard to keep up with trends that cater to all categories of consumers online. In this article, we will be sharing 10 content marketing trends that every marketer needs to look out for in 2022. These content marketing trends cut across various consumer base and can be used for almost any niche. So, whether you run a B2B or a B2C, you can implement these trends in your online content marketing.

1. Creation of more personalized content 

Consumers have more preference for content that is personalized and that speaks to their needs. Such content provides solutions and values that are directed at the consumer. A good way to provide such value is by creating long-form content. Creating long-form content allows you to fit in more information that is beneficial to your audience. Fortunately, that’s where content creation agencies can help. Also, more personalized language is used to create a personal connection between your brand and your consumers. There are numerous content agencies that provide excellent content writing services in India. Outsourcing this aspect will ensure you get rich and well-researched content. The more value you provide through your content, the more conversions you can record to your platform.

2. Optimized content for mobile devices 

The optimization of content for mobile can not be overemphasized. Statistics have shown that about 66% of users access the internet from their mobile devices. Platforms that are not optimized for mobile are losing access to a lot of consumers on a daily basis. Users are discouraged when they can’t access your platform from their mobile devices. This reduces the rate of conversions that should be gotten for your content. However, you should note that it is one thing to have your platform optimized for mobile and also have your content optimized for mobile as well. Top content development firms suggest that content should not take too long to load otherwise consumers will move on to the next platform. So, be sure that both your content and platform are well optimized for search through mobile devices.

3. The use of video content 

More preference is given to video content on various platforms. Certain social media platforms give more priority to video content and encourage creators to produce more video content. This is because video content retains the attention of viewers for longer. It keeps users on the platform engaged for longer periods and encourages them to take action which leads to a higher conversion rate. If you aren’t already looking to create more video content, then 2022 is the year to consider it more. Remember to keep the content fresh and engaging to retain viewers.

4. The expansion of VR 

Another growing industry is the world of virtual reality. Marketers are using VR to improve the experience of consumers online and provide a personalized experience. Virtual reality provides an immersive experience, like the 360 degrees view of an area. Now, consumers aren’t just only going to read about products or services, but have a little experience of these products and services. As the saying goes “seeing is believing” and virtual reality has the potential to increase brand engagement and conversion as brands are able to tell a more captivating story.

5. Content that is driven and backed by data 

Consumers are likely to pay more attention to content that is backed by data. Also, you can create content that is based on data and trends gotten from research. Creating content that is driven by data is important to know what exactly customers are looking for online and how they go about searching for answers. This will inform the kind of content created and how you market this content to your intended audience.  drives more interest in consumers and increases the rate at which the content is consumed. Using statistics and other forms of data reinforces the information being passed across and showcases you as an industry expert. When creating such content, it is important you fact-check and verifies that the data is true and accurate. 

6. Venturing into podcast 

Many creators are deviating from the creation of traditional forms of content. Podcasts are one of the new forms of content that gained popularity in the last two years, and they are here to stay. Podcasts are a new way for creators to express themselves and are also more engaging. Podcasts also create a platform for the extensive discussion of various topics and provide more room to create longer content as mentioned earlier. As a brand, you should be considering podcasts for your business as it also proceeds as a way to engage with your audience. Scripts, titles, and tags should be optimized for each show and should be based on research of what customers are searching for. 

7. Leveraging AI technology 

AI has become a huge part of the social space and has influenced how people do things. AI will make the generation of content much smoother and faster for creatives. Marketers can also put out a large amount of content without any hassle using AI tools. The use of AI will also improve the quality of content as there will be more tools that can check grammar, spelling, and plagiarism to ensure users get the best kind of content. There will be other forms of AI tools that will be used to generate content that might not have a negative influence on the quality of content created. So, it is essential marketers keep content fresh and original to keep the personal connection between the audience and the brand.

8. Content optimized for voice search 

Search engines now allow users to search for content with their own voice. It takes away from the stress of typing, and allowing users to search naturally based on speech. What this means is that long-tail keywords are now favored as opposed to short-tail keywords for voice search. SEO isn’t limited to search through text but also extends to voice search. Hence, it is crucial for the content created to have these keywords so they can be indexed by search engines. So, for the best results you need to hire the right SEO services in India.

9. More image and visual-based content 

Users tend to be hiked more by visuals and images. The use of images and visualization like infographics are known to capture and hold the attention of consumers more than just text. Including more images and other kinds of visualization will boost the results gotten on your content. Visual content increases conversion rate and ensures that your customers are engaged. Infographics are also a great way to pass information across to your audience in a colorful and entertaining way. It is advised that when looking to incorporate images into your content, they should be relevant to the content.

10. Creating mutual content partnerships 

It is not surprising that now marketers have to create partnerships with other authoritative brands to drive sales. Some social media platforms have made this possible by making it possible for people to collaborate on content and projects. Marketers are encouraged to build sustainable relationships/partnerships with other brands or influencers that have a strong authority in the industry. This drives your content to a much wider audience, ensuring you are getting the right exposure.


Now that you are aware of the content marketing trends that will shape 2022, it is time to hire and seek out the best content marketing agencies in India. Being aware of the trends is just the first step, implementing these trends into the content created is a different thing. This is why you need the best content writing companies to come up with captivating content for your brand. The right will ensure that your brand’s message is passed across in the best way possible. Why overwhelm yourself when you can hire the best companies to handle this crucial part of your business. The world as we know it is only going to continue to change. It is only in our best interest to try and keep up with the growing trends that will remodel the way content is consumed.

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