How to Do Organic SEO: Your Personal SEO Guide 2020 by SEO Services India

Yeah, we know SEO is in trend. More than that, SEO content writing is a necessity. As one of the best SEO services India, we know we are approaching the machine era where almost everything is automated. You get your website’s SEO score evaluated automatically, keyword planning done by Google and other tools, and even content writing done by online content generators. But how often we all forget that content is actually read by humans. So, even though you may develop content you think ranks perfectly on the SEO index, a lot of brands tend to forget that content is developed for humans who read, analyze and rate content based on emotions. So, even though you may have developed content you think is good for SEO, it may not be a complete recipe for disaster. A lot of SEO services India and abroad do that, we admit, and this is where all your attempts to rank your website well on Google may go down the drain. As a matter of fact, it is a myth that exact match keywords are one of the most driving factors of SEO. Gone are those simple days when you could drive SEO traffic with the snap of a finger. It now requires more than the bland art of stuffing keywords. Let us explain you SEO and SEO content writing in detail before sharing our approach towards doing SEO for your website or before you hire SEO agencies.

What is SEO?

We assume you know what SEO stands for – Search Engine Optimization; that’s a no-brainer. What it means is to optimize your website or blog to search engines standards (read Google here, and, of course, the likes of Bing, Yahoo, Yandex, and others). SEO is done to achieve free or organic traffic from search engines. So, when a person looks up a keyword on a search engine, your website should rank atop. That’s what brands looking to get SEO done by SEO agencies and SEO companies India aim for.

So, how to do Organic SEO?

Put simply, a person or brand looking to rank well on Google or other search engines should follow the following process:

  1. Research the keywords most relevant to your business
  2. Look up your website or blog’s rank with that keyword on a search engine
  3. See where you stand and choose a keyword you want to go ahead with
  4. Use the keyword to develop content for your website or blog

Now, you may hire content writers online or go full throttle on developing content for your website yourself. What matters is the approach you take. You may find 20 keywords you think are relevant to your brand. But thinking that you can rank equally well for all of them and optimize your website to each of them is not wise. I say this even if you are a brand that is backed by crores of funding and resources to back up your efforts.

What to do then? Well, the idea is to get good SEO agencies in India to identify one or two good keywords for your website and put your efforts into developing SEO content based on them. Get good quality articles developed by the best article writing services. We will come back to this later. I have made a note of this just so I don’t forget, so there’s nothing to worry about.

We will talk about SEO Content Writing or SEO Copywriting.

What are SEO Content Writing Companies?

You have a website or a blog and you want it to appear at the top of Google rankings when someone enters a relevant keyword and presses the ‘Enter’ button. If you achieve it, that’s called SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Now, you get someone to develop content that can optimize your website – that is called SEO Content Writing, which is a little different from creative Content Writing or Copywriting. Creative Content writing is an art; SEO copywriting is a science. You see where I am getting at?

You cannot be entirely yourself when you are doing SEO. Your content writing services must comply with Google’s standards. Google has its own Ranking Algorithm. In order to crawl up search rankings and funnel targeted traffic to your website, you will have to understand it, develop content that complies with their rules, and follow practices that generate positive buzz (We seriously mean ‘Positive’ buzz).

What are the Elements that SEO Services India Use for Successful SEO Content Writing?

Our take is you will think keywords, which is fine. We suggest you start thinking beyond that. It is just that keyword is no longer the primary factor that Google considers when evaluating a website. This leaves open Pandora’s Box, right? Well, there are a few things to consider when doing SEO for your website, and we are listing them down below:

1. Your Content Should be Creative: It is not like you can get over with any mumbo-jumbo and your website will be rank well. That’s totally not happening. Keep in mind that you are writing for real people – people who like to think, laugh, like (or even dislike) and share. Your target audience (whatsoever it is) is people who connect emotionally with content. So, your content needs to touch the human side of your readers. And you need good content writers to develop a copy that appeals. Your content should be so engaging that people should feel compelled to like or share it. Don’t worry if your copy displeases a few; negative criticism should always be there. It helps you learn and acts as a catalyst. Remember when people say ‘No PR is bad PR’? The more your content is shared, the more it gains value. Reach out to good SEO services India if necessary and ask for free quotes.

2. Invest in Developing a Catchy Headline: I will share two articles with you – “Learn to Play Soccer” and “Play Soccer Like Messi in 20 Days”. Which of the two titles are you most likely to click on? I know, the latter.

What I am trying to hint here is cannot get people to click on your article or blog titles if they have nothing special to offer. After all, what’s special about you if you are teaching people to play football. That’s something every football coach does. But training like Messi in 20 days – that, my friends, is something that will get every football enthusiast excited.

As a tip, titles with numbers usually get more clicks and are shared more on social media sites. For eg. “5 Diet Myths that You Should Avoid Immediately” is a lot more likely to be shared than “Diet Myths that You Should Avoid Immediately”. The reason is numbers give readers a fair idea of how much content they are about to come across.

It also plays a psychological role when sharing content with friends and family. People feel more responsible when sharing exact figures. To elaborate my point, we all like to mention figures when highlighting the extent to which we help someone – “I gave you 2 years of my life!” or “I helped you get business contracts 5 times last year.” It’s simple human logic. Makes sense?   

So, your first step should be to craft a headline that will appeal to your target audience. If it fails to do so, your content will most likely stay on the web… unread, unheard. You don’t want that.

You may want to hire SEO services India or an SEO content writer to develop a headline that truly delivers the essence of your content in a way that really excites visitors. They know the tricks. If you have a really likable headline, chances are that people will click on your headline even if you rank anywhere in the top 10. People tend to give a cursory look at the entire results page when they search a term.

In fact, a blog on says that 80% of the readers never make it past the headline. Need we emphasize more on the importance of drafting a compelling headline?

3. Mix and Match Keywords: Yes, I remember I said at the beginning of this article that keywords are no longer the primary drivers for successful SEO. Note, I said “primary”. Google makes frequent changes in its Ranking Algorithm almost every year. Each update comes with changes in guidelines, making it all the more difficult for SEO content writers and SEO companies India and abroad to keep themselves up-to-date with the current SEO trends.

As far keywords are concerned, a lot has changed. Gone are the days when blog writing services could pick a relevant keyword and just stuff it into your article plenty of times to rank your article high on Google. That’s like The Stone Age era of the internet. It’s not coming back. You want to forget that technique forever. You adopt the age-old tricks, and that will be a bummer.

The idea is to identify primary keywords and make second and tertiary keywords out of them. Do your research to find the most relevant primary keywords for your website. You may want to hire a Keywords Specialist or a good SEO Content Writer to find the best keywords you can place your bet on.

Primary keywords are short and dense, with very high traffic. Second keywords are a word or two longer with relatively less traffic. Tertiary keywords are a bunch of keywords. They don’t get a lot of traffic.

A lot of SEO services India and SEO content writers make the blunder of relying heavily on primary keywords. It is understandable that you would want to rank high on a primary keyword and get a lot of traffic, but there’s no point is you do not get relevant traffic. Let me talk about ourselves for example. Marketing Bunnies is among the premiere content writing companies India that offers best SEO services in India and abroad. Our primary keyword should be ‘SEO’. We have done our research and, trust us, it attracts huge traffic. You would say we should rank high with the ‘SEO’ keyword. However, we are not even considering it as a keyword. Of course, it does get included when we do SEO for our website, but we don’t deliberately use it. The reason is we won’t get targeted traffic with ‘SEO’ as a keyword. Not everyone is typing ‘SEO’ to hire SEO content writers or SEO services in India. Some are looking to learn or understand SEO too. We would like to have people typing SEO services India to visit Marketing Bunnies, or maybe just ‘SEO Services’. This makes them long-tail keywords. This also means that we will receive a lot less traffic than we would get from ‘SEO’ as the keyword, but what we will now have is qualified traffic with better opportunities to convert leads. Our server will encounter less outage too. It’s a Win-Win situation!

Our advice: Use a mix of all three types of keywords for a good chance of SEO. Most good SEO services India do that and are able to achieve a good scorecard.

Chances are that your website won’t rank high for primary keywords initially. It takes time. Google doesn’t appreciate a sudden massive surge in content on its servers, just like you wouldn’t like to be handed over a ton of similar and monotonous tasks, all at the same time. Make your choice. Go with a trusted SEO service to help you decide the right keywords and get your content developed by only the best SEO content writers for the right blend of creativity and science.

4. Link Quality is More Important than Link Quantity: One very important factor that is valued highly by Google is the number of links pointing to your website. The number of valuable links pointing to your website is directly proportional to your website’s SEO score.

I remember when we set out as SEO services India to do SEO for our first client last decade, in 2008, there was a huge demand for link farms. There were tons of websites that offered to put links pointing to hundreds of brand websites and blogs for a nominal fee. SEO services India those days would reach out to them, get a link o their clients on those websites and get their task accomplished. Such websites are called Link Farms and are typical of Black Hat SEO tactic. Your website will have links pointing to your website from several link farms. That was then.

Google identified this malpractice and made updates to its Ranking Algorithm. Link Farms are now considered spam and having your link on those websites can mean a major setback to your website’s SEO score. Your website could even be banned.

This makes it even more important for you to rely on good SEO services India that use fair practices to get you results. It sometimes takes months (and sometimes years) to get your website optimized for Google. The standards for SEO have changed. It is now important to have 10 quality links pointing to your website than have 70 inbound links from low worth sites or link farms. Believe us, getting quality inbound links takes time and a lot of effort. And it’s worth it.

5. Work on Developing a Good Meta Description: This is probably the simplest but easily the most avoided part. Google loves metas. It’s the reason we see them in every single search result. The funny part is a lot of people are not even aware of meta descriptions even when we see and read them every time we do a Google Search.

To explain, meta description is the content that you see below the search result titles. It describes what a website or a page is all about. Just so you know, you can optimize meta descriptions too to do SEO your you website. Keep the character count between 50-300 chars. You can include the focus keyword in the meta description too, but it is not always necessary to use the exact keyword in there if you have done good SEO for your website overall. If you use WordPress, you can try Yoast plugin to help you identify and develop a good basic SEO score.

How Do We as SEO Services India Help You?

I know all this might sound too complicated for something that reads as easy as SEO. It is also a fact that doing SEO is a complex task, and requires a lot of foresight, research, planning, and hard work. If you are looking for good SEO services in India to help you identify the right keywords, strategize and develop SEO content for your website,f please feel free to reach out to us to know how we can help you.

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