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To put it straight and short, we are probably the best press release writing service in India today. And we will tell you why we have earned the reputation as a press release writing company.

In a world where the competition is getting fiercer day by day, it’s difficult to stand out and most importantly be heard amid the din of the noise. Even if we have a plethora of internet marketing platforms today, the time-tested press releases developed by a press release writing service has not lost its importance. In fact, it has become an even more powerful medium for spreading your word. Statistics suggest that around the world 80 million people use online sources for their daily dose of news. So just imagine that even if a small percentage of those readers read your online press release, the odds of your business getting new customers will be quite high.

This brings us to an important question-“What exactly is a press release?” A press release is a piece of written communication that companies issue to notify the public about an event, circumstance and other important happenings, like the launch of a new product, a new partnership etc. A press release may be written by someone from the company itself, or they may take help of a professional press release writing serviceto craft an even more impactful press release. Writing press releases can have many benefits for your business. Let’s take a look.

Benefits of Hiring a Press Release Writing Service

Press releases don’t just serve the purpose of announcing the launch of a new product or a company’s latest acquisition, but they also serve as a huge publicity medium for businesses, along with offering many benefits like:-

  • Increased trust and visibility: To grow your business, just having an online presence is not enough; your business needs to be visible well-crafted press release gives your business great opportunity to let people know about you. The more people know about you, the more likely you will be covered in the media.
  • Maximize your SEO efforts: A high quality and fully optimized press release can help you build more backlinks and eventually improve your website’s search engine rankings. A professional company for content writing services India can help you craft an immaculate press release while maximizing your SEO efforts.
  • Position yourself as an industry expert: Positioning yourself as an industry expert is another way to build powerful backlinks. Professional press release writers will help you write press releases that educate and share the information that you’ve become an expert about. As a result, you gain customers’ trust and rapport and eventually get more customers.
  • Reputation management: Sometimes, just because of one negative review, your website’s reputation on SERPs could be negatively affected. A well-optimized press release can help you gain back the positive reputation and most importantly your customer’s trust. Hire content writers online to minimize the risk.
  • Cost-effective: In terms of SEO, press release marketing strategy is one of the most economical choices compared to the paid advertising. If you decide to hire a professional content writing services India for more impactful press releases, they will help you save costs by not just writing great press releases on your behalf but also distributing them for you.

Why Marketing Bunnies is Your Preferred Press Release Writing Service

Press release distribution is one of the key marketing elements for businesses. But, while most companies promote press releases as the marketing golden egg, it’s important to understand the importance of hiring the right press release writing service that understands your company’s requirement and helps you spread your message in an effective manner. Marketing Bunnies does exactly that for you:

  • The content writing services India has a team of experienced press release writers who can turn your message into compelling news that the journalists and the general public will love.
  • Our press release writing service ensures that your news is not just interesting to read but is carefully crafted for search engine optimization, to make your message reach the right audience.
  • The press releases are checked for grammar, accuracy, and format to ensure the highest level of professionalism.

So remember, when the time comes for your company to reach out to the public, entrust this important responsibility to only the very best. Contact Marketing Bunnies’ press release writing service

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