8 Tips to Ensure You Have Great Product Descriptions on Your E-Commerce Website

The quality of a product is just not the only thing that guarantees sales. Rather, it is the steps to making great sales require a well prepared and structured content strategy and much more. Content writing services in India suggest that with a great content strategy, your product is in the face of your targeted customer with the right description and awareness of its presence to both customers and competitors.

I don’t need to reiterate the benefits of having a good product description, because its benefits are glaring, it is the first thing a customer sees once they research or google your product. It is the bus stop a person goes from interested visitor to prospective customer and where the ultimate buying decision is made, in essence, it’s very necessary that your product description isn’t lacking it’s potential to convert.

It is so important to your business because with the level of competition in the eCommerce space it helps influence how you’re perceived by your potential customers. Your product description is one aspect of your business that you can’t afford to toil with as you have to sound extra convincing, accurate and problem-solving if you wish to generate more leads, enhance your sales and achieve all your goals.

These steps will guide you to ensure you have a great product description  on your e-Commerce website:

1.  Bear in mind the main aim of your product

One great feature that determines the success of a good product description is its aim. It doesn’t matter how much of a great writer you are, your description must follow a certain order and include the aim of your product and the objectives it’s set to achieve.

The first thing you need to do is to put down

The important goals and objectives of your product. Identify the main problem your product solves, think of questions that will be on the mind of customers and answer them. Bearing in mind the goal of your product will help you create a product description that boosts sales.

Your customers will read and be compared to purchase and patronize you. To buttress this point I must add, ensure you state what the customer’s life will be like without using your product.

Focusing solely on why your product is better than your competitors doesn’t always cut it.

2. Place Emphasis on the Advantages of the product

Your description shouldn’t only contain the features of your product. You need to go the extra mile and emphasize the advantages of your product. For instance, if you’re introducing a newer version of a product, place emphasis on the upgrades in contract to the former.

Your customers need to be reminded of the unique thing they stand to gain with your product and why they should even give it a try since there are others in the market.

3. Establish a Unique brand voice, suggest content writing agencies

As stated earlier, try to minimize to the barest minimum talks on how you’re better than your competitors. You need to set your brand apart from the rest in your industry by creating a unique brand voice. This is one effective method to boost sales, it tells your customers you know what you’re doing.

In addition, you can use a specific brand tone to engage a specific group of customers. Once your customers have read your description twice, they will easily resonate with it whenever they come across it in the future.  

4. Be Consistent Across your eCommerce Website

Just as establishing a brand voice is essential it is more important to be consistent with it. Once people know you by a certain vocabulary and tone ensure you are consistent with it and use it across all your channels.

Your product description should trigger your customers and leave ripple effects on them so much so that a customer remembers what he/ she experienced after visiting your page. That customer should even be able to refer to others as it should be a great experience for them. The secret to increasing sales lies in the consistency of all descriptions.

5. Aim for Brand Visibility and Not Product Visibility

More often than not, people underestimate the power of a brand name. You have to understand that first impression matters a lot in business. You’re more likely to have a good number of loyal customers when a first experience with your brand and product is good.

One thing that improves your brand identity is being consistent in the way you present or advertise your brand. Your product description must not only advertise your product but also speak highly of your brand.

6. If you Can’t Handle it, Outsource it 

Marketing your product is a hard enough task as it entails a whole lot. From creating marketing campaigns to monitoring them, to handling your pages etc. Not everyone has the time to focus on creating a  great product description, that’s why many eCommerce websites don’t have very great product descriptions. If you’re so overwhelmed with your workload and you don’t have enough time to focus on creating something great outsource it, seek help from the best content writing services providers India. It’s that easy.

7. Eliminate Buyer Doubt

It is very common for customers to have a certain level of doubt or second thought this is because we live in a world where there is an increasing growth rate of fraud and online scam and so your product description should have some sort of assurance and incentive when customers are in doubt. This will help potential customers see you as a trustworthy brand.

Your product description may not yield great results if you don’t care about easing the buying process for customers.

Make them feel better and reduce their doubt instead of just blabbing about your product features.

Most product description that sell contain ways to ease the buyer’s doubt. For instance testimonials, refund scheme etc.

7. Insert Actionable Call to Actions

Your product description should make your customers feel motivated to take action, that feeling that your product would do them a lot of good that they can’t afford to miss out on. 

Create a mental picture of their experience with your product and vividly explain how it works. Do not use too wordy words it’s more likely to confuse them, rather use words that will compel them to take action. Explain in clear terms for a common person to understand.

These tips are sure to help you increase your ROI and every other sales metric there is to measure.

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