Hubspot CRM Overview

Hubspot CRM is a cloud-based tool that enables marketers to design and run targeted marketing campaigns. It helps businesses build stronger bonds that extend beyond selling and purchasing. It comes with a drag-and-drop interface and huge storage that allows seamless syncing of contacts and activities.

The CRM offers a complete suite of tools that enables sales and customer service teams to shorten deal cycles and boost deal values through upsells. Hubspot CRM can be easily integrated with 200+ marketing tools to customize it to any business’s needs.

Hubspot CRM Features

  1. Easy Organization of Data: Hubspot CRM allows managers to assign hierarchical levels within the same platform, allowing team members to log in reports and activities that can be viewed by everyone or restricted to particular teams. This is particularly useful for organizations that have multiple team members focused on achieving a single goal.
  1. Customer Segmentation: The CRM allows sales reps to segment leads and customers based on their interest, location, category, deal size, activity level, and more. This allows them to prioritize and focus on deals that are most likely to turn out successful.
  1. Seamless Integration with 3rd Party Apps: The CRM integrates easily with third-party apps, such as Gmail, Mailchimp, Eventbrite, Zendesk, Grasshopper, and many more via APIs to enable automatic recording of emails sent and received, calls made, and subscriptions received. 
  1. Pipeline Management: Sales Managers can create pipelines corresponding to the sales stage their customers lie in. This enables team members to aggressively pursue leads that stand a higher chance of converting. 
  1. Drag and Drop Communicator: Moving deals from one stage to another is a breeze. Team members can easily drag and drop deals based on the responses they receive. 
  1. Tracking and Scheduling: Hubspot CRM allows members to schedule emails and calls from within the platform. This ensures leads are contacted on time and opportunities are never missed. 
  1. Huge Storage: The platform allows organizations to create and store as many as 1 million records containing vital lead information.

Hubspot CRM Pricing

Hubspot CRM offers convenient pricing options. For organizations looking for more than a traditional CRM, it does offer additional modules at seemingly competitive prices. 

  1. Marketing Hub
    • Starter: $35/month
    • Professional: $560/month
    • Enterprise: $2240/month
  1. Sales Hub
  • Starter: $35/month
  • Professional: $350/month
  • Enterprise: $840/month
  1. Service Hub
  • Starter: $35/month
  • Professional: $280/month
  • Enterprise: $840/month

Hubspot CRM Demo

Hubspot pricing matches every business’s budget. The website offers a detailed demonstration of the CRM’s functionality and platform interface through a series of 6 videos. Additionally, those interested in subscribing can request a live demo through a contact form. 

Hubspot CRM USP

The biggest advantage of the platform is its easy accessibility to businesses of all sizes. The platform offers a clean user interface that makes managing contacts and tracking deals easy. By integrating Gmail and Outlook extensions, teams can easily track email statuses and response rates in real-time. It also offers templates to design interactive emails that boost response rates. The ability to move rotting deals from one stage to another makes it convenient to track and nurture deals.

Hubspot has always been at the forefront of customer support. Detailed documentation makes it easy for starters to familiarize themselves with the features. Rich community support makes it easy to seek answers to the platform- and usage-related questions. Hubspot CRM is a great option for any organization that’s looking to streamline their sales process.

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