Are you one of those who still think that Facebook or Twitter can meet all your social media ends? If yes, then it’s time to rethink, because the dawn of Pinterest has started. 

With over 200 million monthly users, Pinterest has become an imperative social media marketing platform which also provides a deep insight into valuable demographics. It has become a new buzz amongst millennials who seek trendy fashion costumes to exotic travel destinations to different festival recipes. It’s not just young millennials who are pinning their ideas on the website, but also women between the ages of 25 and 54 are involved just as much. Thus, Pinterest is no-short of opportunities to expand your business interest or user base. 

Though, just like any other social platform, it falls under the one big umbrella of social media marketing; Pinterest comes with its own unique practices and special notes that make it extremely fun and an ideal place to iterate or test to add value to your network. Moreover, by signing up to Pinterest’s business account, you will get additional ways to promote your product or brand to get insanely popular on social media. 

Don’t worry if you lack a solid plan to get big on Pinterest, as one of the most sought after content writing agencies India, we are here to enlighten you with some useful marketing tips which will help you become popular on Pinterest. 

  • Try to space out your pins, and focus on quality, not quantity

Perhaps, this is the best change someone can make in their Pinterest marketing strategy. If we could sum up the latest design and change in algorithms of Pinterest then it would be, quality over quantity. 

Earlier, businesses would pin as many pins as possible to rack up dozens of followers in an instant. Pinning greater quantity equaled the chance of getting noticed and ultimately more clicks and repins. But sorry to break this out, that rule is no longer applicable. Pinterest now considers quality pins over others. So, what are these quality pins? 

  1. It’s something relevant and relatable to your followers. 
  2. It firmly matches the topic of your board
  3. The pin description and the image associated are accurate
  4. Your business page is not full of spam images
  • Time to apply for rich pins for your blog or website

Rich pins are one of the most essential and free Pinterest features. They can be used to garner more information and details on the pins themselves. These rich pins are designed to enhance pinning experience and make it more useful for those getting pinned. From the price of your product to article information, they will help you validate your site among users. You can apply for these rich pins from your own website. 

You will notice a difference in your Pinterest profile after using these rich pins. They will provide more context to your product idea which will help users navigate easily on your website. 

  • Formulate a strategy for the first five pins of the day

You might ask, why only five? This is directly related to the tweak in algorithm i.e quality over quantity. Pinterest will not reward any site with hundreds of low-quality pins, instead, it will focus on those with exceptional content and the sites which are providing value to their users. But how to make your five pins count? 

The best content writing services India suggest to make sure to include your fresh new content in the first five pins. Secondly, take your time to optimize these pins with clear stand-out images and well-researched keywords, then pin them before anything else when the day starts. 

In the next step, try 5 different pins to the relevant board, instead of one to multiple boards. Lastly, check if there’s any repinning from your side. Also, make sure all the pins are legitimate and useful. 

  • Consider the interest of your audience before anything else 

This is the basic unwritten rule that marketers need to keep in mind while developing a marketing strategy for Pinterest. Pro content writing companies India suggest: Tailor your pins and curate content according to the niche you’re serving. You don’t have to attract all the people but just the right people. Here’s a tip, vertical pins usually perform better with the audience than others like a square or horizontal images. So, you can keep this in mind while designing visuals for Pinterest. 

  • Use analytics to improve results in your Pinterest account

Pinterest analytics gives imperative information about the types of content that does better on its platform, which can help tweak your strategy for better results over time. Through this, you will be able to see the pins that are most popular and gets the most traffic on your site. 

Analytics can also help you give a sense of what people think about your business by showing which boards your pins are included in. And you can also get information about the demographics and interests of people who visit your profile. 

If done right, Pinterest can really shape your marketing strategies for the better. These are just a handful but useful tips that can be applied to boost traffic on the Pinterest account. If you diligently implement these strategies, you will be on your way towards a growth spurt for your product or brand. And if you need content outsourcing agencies in India to help you with your marketing strategy or to hire content writers online, feel free to ping us anytime.

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