Dynamics 365 Customer Service

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Dynamics 365 Customer Service equips your team with the necessary tools and resources to deliver fast, seamless, and personalized customer support.

There are five key features offered by Dynamics 365 Customer Service: Case Management, Knowledge Management, Activity Tracking, Omni-Channel Support, and Voice of the Customer.

Case Management  

Monitor and resolve customer issues through cases. 

Case Creation Case Volume DriversAgents Scripts Widget Manager InterventionCase Recording and Resolution Insights
Create cases, assign service levels, and define service terms.Automatically identify group cases with similar issues to improve case tracking.Create company conversation guidelines and recommend best practices to help agents (especially new hires) resolve cases.Access customer data and case reports to assist your team without breaking their interaction with customers.Record all cases to create a reference base for your agents.

Knowledge Management 

Resolve issues proactively with this feature which enables predictive case management. 

Knowledge Base SearchIntelligent Case RoutingKnowledge ArticlesService Intelligence
Use keywords to find the best responses to a particular case.Assign cases to agents who have solved a similar case and received high ratings.Create and send knowledge articles on queries to your customers via their preferred channel. Keep up with emerging trends and explore possible case scenarios through data visualization capabilities.

Activity Tracking 

Monitor the business process flow closely and identify areas that require improvement. 

Track Active CasesVerify Load of Work Dashboard Capabilities and Reports
Find and track active cases by priority, region, customer, and date of creation.Check the average number of daily cases handled by an agent and the total billable time. Create dashboards according to your business requirements and automatically generate reports on open cases.

Omni-channel Support 

With the suite of rich features, you and your team can expedite the case resolution process and improve your CSAT ratings.

Social Platform Integration360 Degree ViewSkill-based RoutingMulti-session Engagement
Interact with your customers and attend to their needs across all social media channels. Access a customer’s profile, self-service history, and previous queries to provide a personalized experience. Route cases to agents with the best performance in a particular case resolution and get them to train other agents.Attend to multiple customers in one window to improve efficiency.

Voice of the Customer 

Improve brand reliability by keeping in touch with your customers and making sure that their voices are heard. Use the data obtained from these features to support your KPIs as well. 

Email EditorSurvey CapabilitySupport Forums 
Use professional email templates to simplify communication with customers. Create and send out surveys to get quality feedback from your customers. Host support forums to empower customers who prefer self-service and free up time for more complex tasks.

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