Your Guide to Cooking Proper Scotch Eggs

Who doesn’t love perfectly cooked Scotch Eggs for a picnic!

Those deep-fried boiled eggs with a crunchy jacket of breadcrumbs make a delightful snack for kids and elders alike.

Originally known as ‘Scotch Eggs’, these are first known to have been invented by Fortnum & Mason, a London department store. Though there are several stories of its origin, it is most commonly believed to have found its way into modern times from the Victorian period when people would preserve huge orders of eggs while transporting them from Scotland to London.

Another theory says that these have their roots in the widely popular Indian dish Nargisi Kofta

Whatever the origin, Scotch Eggs delight one and all. 

Homemade English Scotch Eggs Wrapped in Sausage

Packed with the goodness of protein and carbs necessary for you to sail through the day, these are quite easy to make. Let’s try this at home today.

1. Boil 2 fresh eggs for 3 to 4 minutes and peel them once they cool.

2. Take finely minced sausage meat. Add chopped herb leaves and grated nutmeg along with a pinch of salt and black pepper. Mix them up evenly and make 2 balls out of it. Flatten them to make oval sausage patties.

3. Now, roll the peeled eggs on a handful of flour to coat them. Place the coated eggs in the middle of the sausage patties. Gently shape the sausage around the eggs with your hands. 

4. Separately, take a beaten egg in a bowl. Dip the meat-wrapped eggs in the bowl to moisten them. Roll the eggs on breadcrumbs until they are covered completely.

5. Pour generous quantity of oil in a deep pan. Heat the oil to nearly 350°F. You can use a cooking thermometer to measure the temperature or simply throw in a piece of sliced potato and see if it turns brown within a minute. 

6. Carefully place the eggs in the pan and cook for 5 minutes until they become golden brown, turning them every now and then to ensure they are cooked thoroughly. Ensure that the eggs don’t stick to the bottom of the pan and that the sausage is fried well. You don’t want the meat pink when served. 

Take the eggs out and put them on kitchen paper to remove excess oil. Cut each into two halves. Serve piping hot with mustard sauce or ranch dressing. Garnish with a couple of mint leaves to add character to your plate or simply carry your Scotch Eggs along as lone warriors to satiate your taste buds on a bright picnic afternoon.

Oh, guess we forget to tell you we are going to make your day only better!

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