Top 5 SEO Mistakes That Content Writing Agencies Make

Search Engine Optimization or SEO has bloomed in the past decade. From content outsourcing agencies to social media platforms, everyone needs good SEO. With SEO you can not only improve your marketing strategies but also your communication capabilities. Through SEO, a company can increase its visibility and searchability on Google’s unpaid search list. 

Through a strong search engine optimization strategy, you can carve a niche for yourself that will help you in generating more profits and traffic. But five mistakes may be affecting your SEO ranking on Google Search Pages. Here we have listed some common SEO mistakes that ruin your content marketing.  

1. Wrong Target Audience: One of the most common issues that one faces in SEO is the wrong target audience, state content marketing agencies. To increase visibility and searchability you must first curate interesting content. In simple terms, your content can’t be for everyone. You must understand who the target audiences are and how they will be searching online. If you have a bounce rate on your website, which means that your site sees high traffic but the customers leave without looking around then it means you are appearing on the search results. 

Before you plan to generate income from your content, you must know the gender, age, ethnicity, income level, interests, and attributes of your target audience, which will help you to understand what they need. No matter how effective your SEO strategies are and even if you appear on the top of the search page, if you are targeting the wrong audience all that effort becomes moot. This is why you should hire content writers online. They make sure content is developed keeping in mind the target market.

2. Using Wrong Keywords: The next question that you must ask is are you using the right keywords? The most common mistake most SEO marketers make is that they stuff their articles with lots of keywords. This is called keyword stuffing, which means that you have filled your content with keywords in an attempt to rank higher in search results. This not only makes the content boring but also affects the traffic on the website. The best way is to use keywords that relate and come naturally with your topic and use keywords that are associated with your target audience. It is best to use a keyword that has high search value and low competition.

Digital marketing companies say the other issue faced is not understanding the importance of long-tail keywords. A long-tail keyword is generally phrases of two or three words, which are specific to your topic. It is advised that before you use such phrases you run them through a keyword analytics tool. Long-tail keywords have gained momentum in recent times as people are using smartphones to perform their searches.

The rookie mistake an SEO marketer makes it that they emphasize on optimizing only one keyword. This means that SEO is creating a new page for each keyword or key phrase for optimal ranking, which is called keyword permutation pages but is also illegal. 

3. Links and their Sources: Always link your site and content with credible links that will not only boost the ranking of your content but also increase your visibility. The links you use in your content should be relevant to your content. Using a credible link will help in getting beneficial backlinks to your website

The other issue is not including internal and external links. The use of external links can make the content valid and relevant. Like tagging content from other blogs or pages or using product reviews etc from known websites like Amazon, Flipkart, etc. Internal links help visitors navigate the site effectively, easily directing them to content that is interrelated to each other. 

4. Duplicate Content: Duplicate content occurs when your content is available on various locations on your site or different URLs altogether. Content outsourcing agencies India say that duplication happens due to accidents or technical issues. Duplicate content can damage your content and its rankings and your domain’s popularity. Two types of duplication that can hurt your SEO are:

  1. Lack of uniqueness in the title: your title must be very unique and describe your content easily. Internal duplicate content appears in more than one location on the same domain.
  1. Duplicate content in different locations: Or as known as external duplicate content happens when identical content appears across multiple domains. Such problems can affect the traffic to the website and decrease the rankings of the page.

5. Lack of Social Media Presence: The baseline of any media strategy is how widely your content is accepted, read and/or viewed by your target audience. In simple terms, your Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter followers or your Facebook fans’ shares, comments, and likes on social media will determine the ranking and searchability of your content. A strong social media presence generates high website traffic.

Acceptance of your content on the social media platform also helps you in targeting your desired audience on a larger scale. Using credible internal and external social media links will help you in gaining more traffic, thus reducing the bounce rate that may affect your ranking on the Google search pages. 


In your for your content writing agency to achieve the best results from SEO, you must try to avoid the mistakes that are mentioned above apart from that SEO services India must develop a strategy that gels with the content strategy. 

An effective SEO strategy requires developing a technical SEO that means how well your content is placed on the search list, a content that is well suited for the target audience, on-site SEO to optimize your HTML and the content and last but not the least off-site SEO are actions taken outside of your website domain like ensuring placement on Google search list on your favor. Apart from these four fundamental SEO strategy plans you should review and optimize your content every six or twelve months depending on your ranking.

Through this detailed guide, we hope that we can help you optimize your content strategy and by avoiding these mistakes you can help improve your ranking, gain more traffic and more visibility to your desired audience. 

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