Social media marketing services all over the world have access to different platforms to promote their products or brand. However, out of these innumerable platforms, Instagram claims the top spot among users. 

With over 1 billion monthly active accounts, marketers are continuously working towards attracting hyper-targeted Instagram followers and looking for ways to convert them into paying customers to expand their brand horizon. Out of all the amazing ways provided by Instagram for brand promotion, moving images aka videos are quickly becoming the most cherished eye-catching format for the content creators. 

From increasing the video lengths to 60 seconds to introducing IGTv to bringing out unique slow-motion features, Instagram has done it all make it the most appealing format for content creators. And content marketing agencies are making use of it. Brands have also started taking a creative approach towards this marketing gimmick to effectively communicate their message with the users and yield maximum results. 

There is no doubt in the fact that Instagram has shown remarkable growth over the course of the past few years. And is constantly introducing new tools to enhance the quality of videos on its platform. As Instagram quickly moves past the static image era, it’s a no-brainer that video marketing will soon become the most essential tool for brand promotion. According to the reports from social media monitoring platform Newswhip, the average engagement of users on Instagram video has increased by 53 percent, which will rise further. 

Clearly, video content is gaining momentum and providing amazing opportunities to frame effective social media strategies. But the question is, how can brands capitalize and attract more customers through this? Well, get your thumbs scrolling as we tell you some tips for video marketing on Instagram. And we aren’t suggesting you go full throttle all by yourself. Take help of content writing agencies and services or hire content writers online to help you with the job. Trust us, the task will only become more exhausting as your Instagram account gains momentum.

  • Make sure that your video has an objective

It might sound like an obvious thing or a no-brainer, but remember that many creative and beautifully mastered moving images are not able to captivate the audience because they don’t show the true essence of the video. Like any other video on the platform, your Instagram video should have an objective. This can also help you know more about Instagram culture and get the perfect cross-cultural marketing strategy. 

Content writing agencies India suggest, you don’t have to make earth-shatteringly profound objective, try to keep it simple and as much creative as you can. Instagram has its own unique personality and ethos which needs to be understood before sharing a video. Don’t just share videos, try to create stories with an objective. 

Pro tip- You can integrate Instagram stories video to share limited time offers, show your products in action, or create hype for a new product all with a hidden objective.   

  • Do more collaboration with other brands  

Strategic video collaboration with brands or influencers who share the same taste can also make your campaign more effective. This will also help you tap into a completely new domain with a wider audience. Influencer marketing is set to become a 10 billion dollars industry by 2020, so the time to collaborate with them cannot be more right. They can creatively put your message across and cost only a fraction as compared to other traditional means. 

Pro tip- Do free giveaways of your product and make a video showcasing the benefits of your product with other brands and influencers. 

  • Ensure that your video is inspiring emotions

Try to think about the last time you saw a video on social media; was it funny, sad, touching, or incredibly moving? If yes, then the marketer behind it successfully connected your emotion to the video. Your brand video should be able to invoke one key emotion to create a meaningful impact in the viewer’s mind. This would make it more relatable and make them share more among their friends. 

Once you determine the objective of your video in the head, think about the emotions you want to convey. For instance, if you want to connect with teenagers, consider using bold colors and surround your product with playful vibes. You need to create something that not only motivates them to buy your product but also something that resonates with them. 

  • Insert a clear call to action in your video 

Ask yourself a simple question; what do you want your viewers to do after watching your story or video? The answer is the same for all the brands out there. 

Also, don’t try to insert it just for the sake of it, but it’s upto you to give them the next logical step in the series. You can also make an effective caption to remind users to follow for other video updates on your page. As a social media marketer, try to be creative with your language and include a relevant caption in it to entice users for more future updates. 

Pro tip- Insert links to your website, product page, or Insta profile by sharing links on Instagram stories. 

  • Make more user-generated content

A brand cannot exist without the customers. If you have a strong niche and a loyal user base who are vocal about their affection for your brand, then it’s time to play that to your advantage. Here’s what the best content writing companies India do. Make your short videos more compelling by understanding the needs of your audience. You can share brand stories with them or tell them about your new product through a short yet creative video. Or put up a content announcing special gifts for the winners. 

Pro tip- Create unique hashtags and encourage your followers to share their special stories with your brand. 

As video sharing norm on Instagram continues to grow further, it will develop more opportunities for both brands and individual content creators to reach out to more audience in a creative way. You have a good reason to invest in content writing agencies in India or hire content writers online who can do Instagram marketing for you more effectively.  While a good product does play an important role, you cannot neglect these essential tips which will help market your brand or product on Instagram in a more effective way. 

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