With a plethora of social media platforms, it can be quite a task for individual users as well as for businesses that use social media as a tool for promotion and expansion, to manage their multiple social media accounts. However, there are several tools that can make things simpler and better organised for you. From scheduling posts to combining all your accounts into one and giving you a list of optimised hashtags, these tools have innumerable features and benefits. 

They have the ability to enhance your social media performance and assist you in identifying your target audience. You can also make better business decisions by analyzing the progress of your competitors. 

Based on the feedback from best content writing agencies India, we have compiled 10 tools that are extremely efficient in managing your social media activity:

  1. HootSuite

HootSuite provides ease in adding account managers and scheduling posts across all major social media platforms. Whether you are a user handling multiple accounts or an agency with a huge number of accounts, this tool makes things sorted. 

The company also has a training platform that trains people in not just using the tools, but also about social marketing as a whole. It is one of the most popular social media management tools in the market. It allows you to find, schedule, manage and report on social media without any hassle. What makes this more amazing is the fact that all this can be done on one platform. This tool is a sure shot for making the time marketers spend on social media more fruitful and productive. They have a free plan, which you can try and find out how it works for you.

2. Hubspot 

With Hubspot, you can monitor and publish on your social media accounts. You can also get access to closed-loop reporting data. There are many such other tools as well through which you can monitor your accounts and also publish on them. Not just are you able to see see which channels drive the most engagement, but you can also further track down the funnel to see what are the posts and the channels that are driving the actual leads and sales. 

3. Buffer

Buffer is a social media management tool that makes scheduling social media content a lot easier. Content writing companies in India and abroad and social media marketing companies manage all their accounts at a single platform, which makes it a cakewalk. This gives you all the more reasons to use Buffer to manage social media pages. Handling multiple accounts from different channels can make it extremely confusing and difficult. 

Having it all at one place eases the process of posting. Otherwise, you have to keep switching from one account to the other for the same post. This saves a lot of time, which can be used effectively in other promotion strategies. With its Chrome browser extension, you can even schedule postings directly through the Internet. Tracking engagement and performance on the posts that you have shared across all your social media accounts is a Buffer too, offers a free starter plan for beginners.  

4. Canva

If you want an incredibly easy-to-use drag and drop design tool to make compelling and high-quality graphics that improve the aesthetic appeal of your posts and social media account in all, Canva is a good option. It has a free plan for beginners, so you can use it before shelling out money for it. This is an attractive offer because you can get a grip of it and then decide whether you want to invest money on it or not.  This app has thousands of layout templates and is really good for designing everything from presentations to social media creatives and a lot more. 


It gets all of your apps and devices to work together to create a new, simplified experience. It allows you to create a chain of instructions, for instance, you can set it up to send a tweet or to post something on Instagram or Facebook. 

6. Sprout Social

This is another popular social media management tool that has been designed to facilitate business growth and boost the social media presence for marketers and companies. It aims to let your business find and build meaningful connections with your consumers base and also to expand your product or service reach. 

7. SocialFlow 

SocialFlow is a tool that puts to use algorithms to analyse user behaviour and then to optimise each post based on real-time data in order to predict the most appropriate time for publishing content. The timing can make a huge difference in grabbing the attention of people. Understanding when the post is more likely to be viewed by the kind of audience you deliver to, makes a huge impact in the long run. 

It puts out posts at the optimised and set timings and relevance and also to the set audience. It offers a full suite of services that strives to expand audience engagement and increase revenue per customer.

8. Animoto

Videos forms a huge part of visual engagement and are increasingly becoming popular on every social media platform. Animoto enables you to create videos from images and video clips that are either on your mobile or desktop. It has a drag and drop feature that makes it easy to produce professional quality videos in no time. The price starts at $8 per month.

9. Agorapulse

This tool has been high on the ranking because it very comfortably hits all the benefits of a social media hash board, which include productivity, tracking, scheduling, analytics and collaboration. It covers almost every aspect of concern. What sets this tool apart from the rest is its social inbox, which enables you to engage with almost all your social media profiles through a single medium, so you never miss a message or a customer service request that has a higher chance of getting lost in a large set of social media inboxes. 

10. Hashtagify 

From helping you accelerate your business growth to improving brand awareness and market effectiveness through smart hashtag marketing tactic, this tool sets the hashtag business straight for you. Even if you are someone who is not well equipped in dealing with hashtags, this tool will help you master hashtags far more quickly and will ultimately enhance your social media performance. This is precisely why even SEO services India use this tool. It will amplify your reach and identify the right influencers.  It gives you a comprehensive way of functioning with hashtags. 

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